Golden retriever parents watch over their first newborns together

The moment of becoming a parent for the first time is always very special and it is a wonderful feeling for any parent.

Animals like dogs are no exception, they also feel that sacred thing, it also has happy and excited emotions when welcoming their puppies for the first time.

We always know stories of mother dogs giving birth to lovely pups and taking care of them every day, but we rarely hear about father dogs giving love and care to his pups.

A Golden Retriever dog mom just gave birth to a bunch of puppies and their dad is so excited and happy that he’s having his first pups.

While the mother dog was pregnant, the father dog was always beside her to keep her company and give her a lot of kisses, while she was giving birth he kept his distance but always kept an eye on her.

After the puppies were born, the father dog couldn’t contain his excitement, happiness broke out when he met his cubs for the first time, he very tenderly greeted the puppies. baby with lots of licks

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