Lying on the road, the cat used its last strength to ask people passing by for help

Near one of the highways in Istanbul, they once found a cat that was hit by a car. She suffered horrific injuries, but miraculously survived. Passers-by noticed her and took her to the vet. There she was received by a nurse named Eisen. Doctors did everything possible to help the cat, but one paw still had to be amputated.

Eisen was next to the baby all the time while she received treatment. The kitty kept touching the nurse’s hand with the remaining paw. The girl realized: after rehabilitation, this animal would again be on the street. But without one limb it is so difficult to survive. Eisen decided that she would take the cat to her house and look for her owners.

The girl named the cat Ekim. Despite the fact that this is only a temporary shelter, finally the baby can live in peace, without feeling a constant threat from everything around. Eisen has other animals, but Ekim gets on well with everyone.

Already on the first night, she settled down to sleep next to her savior, as if trying to thank for the care that the girl gave her. Ekim got used to her new physical features so quickly that she even learned to climb trees again.

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