Mama dog with a note on her collar and two snow-white puppies was tied to a bush

Some people can be cruel and heartless to animals. They can abandon their pets for different reasons.

An animal center volunteer named Sasha was taking care of the 60 shelter dogs when he saw something odd.

When he went to the yard to feed the lovely dogs, he saw that a tiny creature was stretching out paws to grab a dried bone. When Sasha opened the fence, he was got shocked.

Near the house, there was a bush. And there was a big and beautiful dog tied up to it. On her collar the man found a note, saying:

“In connection with the move, I am handing over dogs to a shelter! DON’T blame me.”

Next to the graceful dog, there were two adorable puppies. The snow-white pups were at most 2 months old.

It was obvious that the dogs were intentionally brought to Sasha’s place – they were abandoned.

It’s so weak of people to abandon house pets at once without trying to find a better solution, ask for help, do anything in order to keep their loyal dogs under a roof.

The hatred and indifference of people are not a surprising thing for Sasha because his neighbor filed a lawsuit against him for having 60 dogs in the house.

Sasha of course let the confused dogs in his house without knowing what to do next. The man named the 2 years old dog Sophia.

She turned out to be an intelligent and sociable dog.

Sophia immediately demonstrated all she can do, so that Sasha wouldn’t neglect her with the tiny pups.

After a neighbor of Sasha saw one of the pups, she immediately fell in love with her and adopted her.

Sasha hopes that Sophia and the other pup Umka will also find a forever home where they will receive the love and care they deserve!

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