Man takes the tabby ‘kitten’ into fire station not knowing it’s a wild animal

The other day in fire station number 7, located on Goldwyn Street – Avenue of the city of Orlando (Florida), an unprecedented event occurred. A man dropped a tiny kitten in there!

When he was asked why he did it, the stranger explained that it was a cheetah cub and he just didn’t know what to do with it.

Funny, it wasn’t a cheetah at all!

The employees of the fire department, of course, were surprised by the appearance of the little guest and began to look for specialists who could take care of the baby. Meanwhile, looking at pictures of the kitten, they realized it was a bobcat cub.

The fire department even sent a photo of the baby to the Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge and Education Center, asking one of the specialists to come to them.

The man who arrived at the fire department carefully examined the baby and confirmed that it was a two-week-old female bobcat!

The employees of the organization promised to take care of our heroine but informed the people not to contact or tame a cub or take it into the house as a pet.

Firstly, it is illegal, since red lynxes are protected, and secondly, having no idea how to deal with such animals, a person can harm both himself and the living creature whose habitat is not houses and apartments, and the forest!

Well, we sincerely hope that the baby found in the firehouse will grow up healthy and will soon go to her usual conditions!

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