Missing dog found safe and sound: she was herding sheep in a farm of strangers

Each week we hear different cases of missing dogs. It’s unbelievable to realize that your pet may be lost one day.

You look for anywhere, worry and go through a tough period. It also happens, that people find their loved pets. It’s always a pleasure to introduce a story with a good ending!

Tilly is a two years old border collie. Her owners are very caring and attentive people. But sometimes even love can prevent unwanted incidents.

In early June Tilly’s family had a car crash. Luckily, no one died. It happened so that Tilly was scared of the accident, so she ran away.

After 10 hours of searching, the pup wasn’t found. Her family was devastated. The search continued. Tilly’s photo was spread on the Internet.

Days passed but there was nothing new about the missing dog. Then, the unexpected reveal of the pup changed the situation.

It turned out that Tilly was obtaining a new profession – herding sheep. She ended up on a farm.

The farmer Travis Potter admits that Tilly was a bit different than their dogs but as she was a prof at herding the sheep, he thought the doggie belongs to him.

It was actually hilarious to imagine Tilly herding dogs without any skills.

As this species is famous for herding animals, it’s not a surprise that Tilly was able to nail the herding. The owner says that herding is in the veins of Tilly. Every time they go to the park, she herds sometimes people, sometimes other pets.

We are happy that the confused dog found her owner and on the way home learned a new profession!

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