The cat ran after the guy all the way to the house. The street cat knew exactly what she was doing

Recently in the family of a young man named Jacob happened so big happiness .

A little over a week ago, Jacob was returning home when he met a cute stray cat. The street beauty carefully looked at the stranger with huge expressive eyes, and then resolutely followed him.

At the same time, the baby turned on her “purring motor” at full power, demonstrating the joy of a new acquaintance with her whole appearance.

Yakov smiled and looked back from time to time.New friend didn’t lag behind. It seems that she decided to walk him home. And so it happened.The cat went with the young man to the entrance and then went up to the apartment.

Fortunately, Jacob was very fond of cats. At home, he already had one pet, so a portion of food for the fluffy guest was immediately found. The guy fed the cat, and she looked at him with such a pleading look that he suddenly realized that he would no longer leave the cutie that began to lick his hands in gratitude.

The young man took the animal to the vet. And the cat was only seven months old. She is completely healthy, except for a small amount of fleas which will be very easy to get rid of.

Now cat’s name is Sonya. It seems that the smart cat knew perfectly well what she was doing when she “followed” the guy. She just wanted to find a home.

Now the cat is enjoying delicious food, a soft sofa and the company of a wonderful owner.

And yet cats can accurately identify good people!

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