The cats managed to feel the illness of the hostess

Deb Clay has a very noble job.She has been working in the animal rescue service for many years. She will always help and support a pet that needs it, and now she lives with her husband and five cats, whom she recently adopted.

At first she took the purr for overexposure, but later she realized that she could no longer get rid of them and these were new members of her family. Deb assures that there is definitely some kind of sign in her apartment that is not visible to people, but is noticeable to cats and cats go here, knowing that they will be helped.

And now the cats named Timmy, Holly, Mojo, Ossie and Faith have found their home and love their owners very much. But recently, the girl underwent surgery on the knee joint. She stays at home and recovers, since movements are difficult for her, she lies a lot.

And of course, five pets could not understand what happened to their beloved mistress and immediately five of them came to her bedroom. They realized that Deb was ill and needed additional therapy and took turns cuddling up to her, trying to help.

Pets do not leave her, sweetly purr and support in a difficult moment, and she is very grateful to her pets for such care and love.

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