The family wept as they held their dog that got lost 6 years ago. But the kid remembered the owners

A small chihuahua roamed the outskirts of Sumter County, Florida. Who knows what would have happened to him next, if not for a kind person who realized that the animal needed help.

The dog ran up to the stranger, showing with all his appearance that he was in trouble. The kid was happy to see a man and clearly hoped for help. The man took the little chihuahua in his arms and carried it to the shelter, already guessing that the pet was lost.

Despite severe exhaustion, the dog was very friendly and affectionate. The shelter staff first checked to see if the animal had a microchip. The device was discovered, which meant that the baby has owners!

It turns out the pet’s name is Alex. The shelter staff immediately contacted the owners of the animal and learned the details of this amazing story…

Alex’s owners live in Naples, Florida. This is almost 400 kilometers from the place where the baby was found. People lost their dog six years ago!

Chihuahua came into the family, being a two-month-old puppy. He had two owners and a true friend, a dog named Thunder. When an older friend temporarily moved to live with his grandmother, Alex became homesick, dug a hole under the fence and ran away. He must have gone looking for Thunder…

The frustrated family looked everywhere for Alex, praying for his safe return home. But day after day, week after week, the pet was never found. Hope melted every day and no one believed that a chihuahua would ever be found.

But one late evening the phone rang in the house — Alex was found. Exactly where did he disappear?

They were worried, not knowing how the pet would react to them after a long separation. But the dog in the first seconds remembered everything and recognized the owners, unable to restrain his joy from meeting them!The owners stood with tears in their eyes, hugging a dog they never expected to see. They again have each other — what could be more important?

You too can look at the touching moment of their meeting.

Not surprisingly, even the staff wiped tears from their eyes. Still, our pets are full members of the family, which are very painful to lose.

Alex came home again, as if he had never gone anywhere. He finally met his friend Thunder, because of whom he fled for a long six years.Now the owners will not take their eyes off this little independent Chihuahua and everything will definitely be fine!

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