The German Shepherd has been chained all his life. Her reaction to the ocean upon release will win your heart

All dog lovers know how important it is for a dog to run and play with other dogs. As a measure sometimes we need to keep them on a leash, but dogs should be allowed to run freely without exception.

Unfortunately, this beautiful German Sheepdog didn’t live freely, as his indifferent owner neglected him. He was eventually rescued and taken to an orphanage.

But luck finally smiled at him when he was adopted by a new family. But Herschel is a happy, full of joy and energetic dog, and this turned out to be too much for his new owners. His temperament and agility were usually scaring, but they weren’t. But it seemed that he would have spent the rest of his days in captivity. The owners had their own plans for raising the dog.

The first thing they did for him was to offer him a day of fun and joy. The trip started with several hours of playing in the mountain snow. As you can imagine, Herschel really liked the new fluffy material.

Herschel was finally free to explore, run, and appreciate all the things he missed so much. But the best was yet to come. Their next stop was to be at the beach. And the dog’s reaction when she sees the ocean for the first time is just incredible. He just couldn’t contain himself.

Just look at Herschel’s incredible reaction when he finally got his freedom.

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