The owners left the cat when they moved to the city from the countryside. He waited for them there for 4 years and did not want to leave.

For four long years, a cat named Boris wandered along the village roads and waited for his owners to come for him, because they once loved him.

But then this family moved from the village to the city, and they left Borenka and did not even bother to attach him to another family.
Neighbors, later, shared that the cat was sitting near the house, as if on duty and did not want to leave, he was waiting for the owners and could not believe in the betrayal of these people.

He remained there, despite the cold and heat, showers, hail and winds, and the previously cute and affectionate domestic cat became completely wild and simply did not recognize him.He was disappointed and did not approach anyone, it also seemed impossible to catch him.

The neighbors took pity on the poor fellow and left food for him so that he would not lose strength at all. But the day came when Boris choked on a bone from food and then he had to turn to volunteers so that the matter would not end in tears.

The unfortunate Borka could not eat and drink, but he was still afraid to go to people and he was caught for a very long time and was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic.Unfortunately, he was forced to remove his front teeth, and besides, the veterinarian diagnosed dehydration, so Boris was sent to overexposure until he gets stronger.

Now he is much better, he has a good appetite, he was again accustomed to the tray, but now he refuses to swim and begins to scratch and bite so much that it is better not to risk it.

He lives in the attic of a zookeeper, but he does not lose hope. that someday wild Borya will be re-educated.

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