This husky can’t see anything, but still can’t hide his joy when he feels the snow

For a blind husky named Mackenzie, the greatest joy is to play in the snowdrifts.

He has a strong sense of smell and he smells the snow as soon as he leaves the porch of the house, and when it begins to melt, Mackenzie does nothing but wait for the next frost.

And the funny thing is that he simply hates water and every bath is a real trial for the owners and he is persuaded with affection and goodies, he doesn’t even like to wash his paws after a walk.

Despite its peculiarity, the dog lives a full life thanks to its owners, is very sociable and inquisitive, and the lack of vision is not at all an obstacle to the desire to learn about the world and people.

He knows how to recognize his mistress by voice and smell and always runs up to meet her, reacts to her words and smiles with a satisfied face, as if understanding every single word.

At a very young age, he lost his sight. He was bought from a breeder and even then he had glaucoma in one eye, and then, no matter how hard the owner tried, she passed to the second eye.

Both eyes were removed, but Mackenzie is still loved and happy, and his life differs little from the lives of others.

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