A 78-year-old man marries a 17-year-old girl: after twenty-two days, he files for divorce

This 78-year-old man from Indonesia, called Abah Sarna, fell in love with a teenage girl and decided to marry her because he believed that love has no age.

The age gap among couples may be big, but the difference of 61 years is something incredible.

Abah saw the 17-year-old girl, named Noni Navita, while she was delivering fuel for her agricultural vehicles.

The two had a conversation and then started dating. Soon after, the couple decided to get married.

To the great astonishment of relatives and friends, the girl’s parents were not against this bizarre marriage.

But the elderly man’s children and grandchildren considered his behavior crazy.

The couple got married and divorced after 20 days. It was Abah who suddenly decided to divorce his young wife.

No one knew why the loving husband made such a decision, because the 20 days of their joint life were full of love and happiness.

After the wedding, Abah gave his beloved several gifts and different household goods.

But, after the divorce, he did not ask for all those goods that he had given to Noni.

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