A brave guy risked his life to save the life of a deer who was drowning in the river.

This is not a superhero, but the most ordinary boy, but he showed incredible courage, as he saved the life of an animal in trouble. A boy named Belal risked his own life.

In Bangladesh, during the rainy season, floods are not uncommon and they pose a danger not only to humans, but also to wildlife. A small deer fell behind his flock during a rainstorm that caused flooding on the Noakhali River.

He was carried away by the current, and then there was a meeting with the boy. As a result of this brave act, both managed to swim safely to shore and, fortunately, there was a professional photographer who managed to capture it on film.

Bangladeshi photographer Hasibul Wahab admitted that neither he nor other eyewitnesses of this spectacle could believe their own eyes and, for a moment, began to fear for the life of the child.

The photographer’s friend even jumped into the river himself to save the boy’s life, and when he returned he said that there was no need for him. A total of seven people watched.

What happiness that there are children capable of such a brave and selfless act. This makes one believe that humanity is not completely mired in consumerism and false values and there is hope for a better generation, despite the general pessimism.

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