A dog fated to the last injection hugs his savior, who gave her freedom

Two year old beagle Gregory was included in the list of dogs doomed to the last injection. However Animal Rescue Managers Shenley and Joe decided to give him a chance and rescued him.

Despite the fact that he was apparently healthy, he was still included in the terrible list when the tests showed a heartworm.There was already a deadline for this procedure if no one decided to take him away by then.

But happiness smiled at the dog and, literally in two days, having learned the story of this dog Joe hurried to the shelter to pick him up and secure him.

His heart break when he saw the drooping animal in the cage and he asked him to immediately release him in order to carry him out in his arms.

He carried him to the car and Gregory reached his muzzle to his shoulder and buried himself in him. It was an incredibly touching scene. John was touched by the dog’s gratitude and filmed it on his phone.

But he didn’t even expect that the shot published on the network would have such popularity. The picture got a huge number of likes, reposts and enthusiastic comments.

Everyone thanked the brothers for their life’s work. An account was opened in Gregory’s name and the heartworm was cured.

Soon he will go to his house, where live two more beagles and this will be the beginning of a new happy life.

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