A huge turtle got stuck among the rocks and couldn’t get out, begging people for help.

On the coast, an unusual incident occurred when a powerful surf threw a huge green sea turtle onto the rocky shore. The unfortunate animal got trapped in a narrow crevice and couldn’t free itself, struggling for hours to escape the trap until people passing by noticed it.

While walking along the beach, Rebecca Breckzit and her companion Moran noticed the unusual movement among the rocks. Approaching closer, they discovered that the turtle was stuck and couldn’t get out of the crevice on its own.

«We immediately decided to help, but it turned out to be far from easy. The turtle’s shell was firmly wedged in a tight spot,» Rebecca later recounted.

The turtle seemed calm and even understood that they were trying to help. Moran did everything possible to lift the reptile from the crevice, while Rebecca used a lever to free it.

Their efforts took nearly a whole day, but in the end, they managed to release the turtle. It quickly headed back into the ocean, leaving its rescuers with a sense of satisfaction from fulfilling their duty.

This incident serves as a reminder of how important it is to remain vigilant and ready to assist animals that might be in trouble. The actions of Rebecca and Moran demonstrated their compassion and determination, and thanks to their efforts, the life of one of the ocean’s inhabitants was saved.

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