A lion and a white tigress fall in love and escape the zoo together

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze when it comes to strange friendships, especially between different animal species. However, a lion falling in love with a tigress is the most incredible thing one could think of, but the story is nonetheless very real.

The life of this strange couple hasn’t always been easy. Cameron, a lion, and Zabu, a white tigress, were kept in captivity at the New England Zoo for the purpose of breeding and giving birth to ligers (a combination of white lions and tigers).

Fortunately, they were rescued in 2004. At the time the things looked bad for them . Cameron weighed about 200 pounds less than a man his age, and Zabu had a genetic defect. Now they are safe and enjoying life thanks to the big cat rescue service.

“When Zabu and Cameron were rescued, we built a large natural enclosure for the two of them as they are really very attached to each other, just like a couple in love,” the rescue team wrote on social media.

Due to some medical problem, Cameron had to be either castrated or permanently separated from him because of his love. “Because of Cameron’s behavior we only had two options: separate him from Zabu forever or sterilize” said the rescuer . “The decision was made quite easily”

Shortly thereafter, the majestic lion lost his mane, but at least he had a chance to happily walk away next to his soul mate. “Cameron’s mood has improved dramatically.It seems to him that in the hot summer in Florida he is much more comfortable without the extra 7 kilos of fur around his neck. He even became much more playful, as he no longer worries about everything that happens around his enclosure ” told the rescue team .

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