«A smile never left the little kitten’s face: he really wanted to find a family and leave the shelter.»

Since his owner adopted him from the shelter, Ray, the ginger fluffy kitten, never seems to stop radiating joy. His enthusiasm for life in his new home appears to be utterly genuine.

Ray was initially rescued by volunteers from the city streets, and the journey to find him a permanent home was not that simple. He seemed to really want to be part of a real family.

Ray’s owner openly admits that she didn’t initially plan on getting another pet, considering she already had two cats. «I was just walking home and suddenly felt an urgent need to stop by the shelter,» she says. When she saw Ray with his incredibly expressive face and sparkling eyes, she realized she couldn’t leave him there.

Ray’s face has a unique structure: the corners of his mouth are turned upward, creating the illusion of a constant smile. «It just captivated me!» the owner says.

Fate, it seems, conspired with his owner to bring happiness to this little kitten. And his never-ending smile serves as living proof of that fact.

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