A worried dog began to feed orphaned kittens..Maternal instinct took over

Georgia was scared and depressed because her pregnancy period was difficult and all the pups born died.

Months of half-starved existence and wandering in the desert and exhaustion also had an effect.

So by the time she found a place surrounded by the people who took her in, her body had completely weakened.

As well as her nerves: she was so agressive that the shelter staff were simply afraid to approach her.

And then three little orphan kittens got to the shelter and everything changed dramatically.

Maternal instinct took its toll: the dog began to feed the orphaned kittens.

The staff of the center don’t even remember who first had the idea to offer the kittens to raise the dog Georgia. And what do you think? The dog calmed down, sniffed the littles and began to lick them.

Of course, cats that are funny in their habits have grown up. Two of them have already been taken home. And soon they will take to the house and Georgia, along with her only remaining kitten.

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