Abandoned tiger cubs found a caring foster mother

In one of the zoos, a tigress gave birth to her cubs, however, she rejected the babies immediately after their birth. Without maternal care and love, the babies had to be transferred to an artificial mixture, and even in this case, their chances of surviving would be completely negligible.

Note that wild cats, especially in captivity, often do not accept their cubs and can even harm them. And it was then that the zoo staff published an announcement about the search for a recently born and lactating dog and a big cat.

And to their great joy, they found a charming, kind golden retriever Izzy, who gladly undertook to nurse wild kittens becoming a real mother for them.

She fed the cubs, licked them, cared for and raised them as if they were her own cubs. She was a born mother and simply adored her adopted children.

Zookeepers did not even expect that the dog would be so affectionate and caring. The cubs survived solely thanks to Izzy’s dedication.

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