Due to a defect, the kitten could not stand up on its front paws and was brought to euthanization

If animals have some physical abnormalities, their chances of living their lives in a family with loving owners are not high. People often want to get rid of such pets by euthanizing them or giving them to a shelter. In the shelter, the fate of such kids is also unenviable, because the employees do not have enough time and money for proper care and proper care for them. Very often, after a few months in a shelter, the life of such animals ends with a fatal injection. The same fate awaited Kanga, because the cat was brought to the veterinarian precisely so that the doctor would euthanize her.

The cat was born with a pathology, due to which her front paws almost did not develop. The kitty was still small, she could not walk normally, but quickly found a way out of the situation — Kangu moved, jumping on her hind legs. The owners appreciated the achievement of the cat, giving her an appropriate name, but this did not affect their plans to euthanize the animal.

One of the clinic employees took pity on the cat, instead of euthanizing Kengu, they sent her to a shelter that dealt with animals with similar pathologies. Kengu was examined at the shelter, the doctors came to the conclusion that it was impossible to help the cat and she would have to live her whole life practically without front paws. It also turned out that Kanga needs only a little extra care and her life expectancy will not differ from the life expectancy of healthy cats.

The shelter workers decided to try to find a family for Kangu. They posted roles about this kitty on social networks and soon Joyce called them.

After watching the video, the woman decided to give Kang a house. Joyce has already taken care of several cats that had health problems, so the developmental features of Kangu did not become an obstacle for her. The kitty immediately fell in love with her new owner and quickly got used to the new house, and two other Joyce cats helped her in this, accepting Kengu as her own.

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