Everyone laughed at the Indian girl with white skin and golden hair: look how she looks now

Meet Pooja Ganatra, an Indian woman who has always been the center of attention in her country.

Since childhood, the girl boasted of her unusual appearance.

Everyone confused her with a Caucasian girl as she looked different.

However, now she is very proud of her appearance, her color, and her intelligence.

Although this 24-year-old woman claims that her parents are both Indian, she has fair skin and eye color, golden hair and freckles.

She says that since childhood she has become the subject of rumors for everyone, as people consider her sick.

Pooja also mentions that genes play an important role: she believes she got her appearance from her ancestors.

Generally, atavism is a condition when genes are passive for years and suddenly arise for future generations.

However, she also mentions a good thing: the residents consider her a local celebrity when she speaks Hindi.

And also people start to treat her like a tourist and think that she is a traveler.

According to Pooja, Indians love to ask to be photographed with non-native people from abroad.

So, as she said, she had so many offers for paintings: “more than 100 times.”

Then, she turned and said, “it’s ok, I am just one of you”.

In addition, the woman said she would like to take a DNA test to find out more about her ancestry.

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