Four pretty kittens were alone at the entrance and the owner passed by every day

The owner abandoned four pretty kittens without remorse.He left them right at the entrance. Moreover, he daily passed by them with complete indifference.

At the same time, the kids cried plaintively and begged to be taken home, but the owner belonged to the category of completely soulless people.He didn’t care, he continued to go about his business with indifference, without even stopping once.

At first, the babies stayed at the entrance, after that then nailed to the bench, where they remained cuddling up to each other to keep warm.

Whatever the weather, they spent the night outdoors and couldn’t understand that they needed to look for a more reliable shelter because they were too small.

The residents also didn’t intend to take the cuties to themselves, but especially the compassionate ones occasionally fed them.

This continued until one of the residents of this house noticed the kids. There was a highway right at their entrance and this threatened the fluffies with problems.

A kind woman was looking for hosts for them.And after a couple of days she managed to find temporary housing for them.

But by this time, one cat had become so weak from the hardships of this life that he was gone and it was necessary to act urgently.

The woman took the rest of the kidsto her parents for a while.She contacted volunteers who promised to take care of their further arrangement. We managed to attach two kittens, and the volunteer girl herself took one.

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