«I despise you all.» An introvert dog prefers to sit on a bar stool like a person and watch his fellows from upward

In the state of North Carolina, there is a dog of a very unusual disposition.He is more like a cat with its independent disposition.

The dog is excessively restrained.He prefers not to play with his fellow tribesmen and proudly sits on a chair watching them from the bottom up.

The owner often takes Pogo for a walk and, a couple of times, couldn’t restrain herself and took several shots depicting how her pet «has fun.»

Pogo is four years old and is a cross between a bulldog and a boxer.

He doesn’t particularly like fun and active games with other dogs.He prefers to sit on the sidelines with an indifferent, mysterious look. His facial expression expresses only contempt and indifference to everything.

But the owner has her own opinion why her pet has such uncharacteristic behavior for a dog.

He thinks that Pogo behaves this way to demonstrate to other dogs that he is more comfortable sitting in a chair and just likes to look down on others.

She added that he liked to climb on a stool from an early age, drive like a man and generally adopted human manners.

Now he likes to sit on chairs, suitcases, benches, but bar counters enjoy his special love.

When Pogo drives a car, he also sits like a human, sticking his palm out of the window. At the same time, the dog is very friendly with people, unlike dogs.

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