It’s very touching: a tender-hearted dog comforts a sick deer found on a farmer’s ranch.

Perhaps it is difficult to find creatures with a more reverent soul than dogs.These angels on earth seem to be created to help, support and comfort in difficult and bad times, and this story of ours is just one of such examples.

Recently, a very kind and noble dog took an active part in the deer’s treatment, sat next to her and comforted her until the rescuers arrived.

This was filmed on camera and the footage went viral, spreading all over the web.They were published by Nashville musician Pat Pollifrone. It was his favorite Zoya and the owner was touched by the kindness of his pet and decided to show it to numerous network users.

Probably, the deer got lost on the site of a man in Tennessee, she was exhausted and sick, and Zoe readily rushed to help her, because the dog would never leave her in trouble.

It turned out that the deer had a serious eye infection, and besides, she was very hungry. Pat cured her and wanted to let her go back, but Bambi came back again and again.

She became very attached to Zoya and it is incredibly pleasant to watch their quivering and sweet relationship. They embraced, play and walk together: this is a real pure and sincere friendship that animals are capable of.

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