Liebchen — a cat that explores the world with its owners

Once the owners took a kitten named Liebchen from a shelter. At the age of 10 weeks, they took him on a hike for the first time.And the cat liked it so much that since then he just loves traveling, hiking and various activities. This cat has an interesting life.

Liebchen is a cat from the USA who has an extremely interesting life. The owners accidentally saw his photo when he got to the Rifle Animal Shelter as a small kitten. They decided to take this miracle to themselves. The kitten from the first days turned out to be an extremely curious explorer.Everything was interesting to him, and he constantly asked to take a walk outside.

In this, Liebchen coincided with the owners.They also love to explore new places and travel. The kitten was only 10 weeks old when his owners first took him on a camping trip, and since then they have constantly traveled to different places together. Liebchen hikes, boats, bikes in the summer and skis in the winter and loves to be active.

The owners maintain a blog on social networks, where they publish pictures from travels with Liebchen. According to them, he is very adventurous and isn’t afraid of anything. “Liebchen never minds the equipment that he has to wear. Even goggles while cycling or skiing are already familiar to him,” says the hostess.

Liebchen is always safe.The owners constantly monitor and take care of him, and also not letting him get off the rope if they know maybe there are wild animals nearby. Hiking is what Liebchen enjoys the most, according to the hosts.

«He likes to jump over stones and logs, explore forests, deserts. Liebchen loves to sniff out new places, discover new plant species for him, meet insects and animals. He also loves to ski with us. We put him in a backpack, and he enjoys the views while skiing,» says the owner of the cat.

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