Lost baby elephant cuddles with a lovely ostrich at orphanage comforting each other on the loss of mothers

It has become an ordinary phenomenon to witness how animals of different species make friends. Yes, sometimes their life conditions and losing their families bring them to new friendships with other species.

This time it’s a friendship between an elephant calf and a baby ostrich. They love cuddling each other all the time.

The only thing that we humans can do is to admire their pure friendship and believe in true care and love between them.

In this story, the elephant calf was lost from its herd. He fell into a well and has never seen his family. When he was brought to the animal orphanage, another abandoned animal – an ostrich made a friend with him.

The bird named Pea thinks that she is a family with the calf Jotto. In the case of the ostrich, Pea had a brother rescued in 2014. Soon his brother was released to the wild but Pea stayed in the care center.

It’s kind of comforting for these two when they are hugging each other. They are trying to overcome the loss of their mother together.

It’s obvious that one day in the future these two will be separated but for now, they enjoy each other’s companionship!

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