Only the cutest people can find 3 Differences between these fluffy pussies

Your task is to look at the two cat scenes and find 3 differences between them. The puzzle is not difficult, so you have only 30 seconds to solve it.

If you succeed, you can be proud: you have a quick mind and sharp eyes. And this is an indicator of your IQ level.

Two cats — three differences.

If you didn’t manage it within 30 seconds, don’t rush and keep looking. But if you want to see the solution, we’ll publish it below the illustration.

SOLUTION. Pay attention to the fact that in the right picture, unlike the left one:

  • the leaf of the far-right tulip is hidden behind the leaf of the central tulip
  • the cloud is overlapping the central flower
  • the light ginger stripe on the tail only reaches the middle—it’s smaller and shorter than in the left picture․

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