People fed the red cat with scars.And his recent act moved them to tears.

We used to think that maternal instinct is natural only to cat moms. But sometimes cats can hit to the core.

This red cat is called Peach. Three years ago, he appeared to the country house of Tatyana Krylova. The pet was young and behaved very cautiously.

The owners of the summer house took him out to eat, but they didn’t stuff themselves into friends. Tatyana din’dt know if the cat had a family, where he comes from and where he disappears.

Soon Peach began to visit Tanya more and more and stayed with them for the night. Then the pet even made friends with the owner’s cat.

After some time, Tatyana noticed that the cat had scars all over her face. Nobody knew anything about the fate of the village cat.

And then Peach surprised everyone!

Recently, a cat brought to Tanya’s house .. two kittens. One baby was gray and the other black.They were clean, but terribly hungry. Peach busily walked around the yard, choosing a place for the little one.

Tatyana immediately hurried to take out the kittens to eat.She treated them to kefir, oatmeal and sour cream.

Peach carefully watched what was happening.He probably understood that his idea was a success. Then Peach went about his things and returned several times during the day to check if everything was in order with his wards))

The cat sniffed the kittens and food in their bowls , but didn’t eat at the same time. He somehow masculinely showed concern for the crumbs, which touched very much Tatyana’s whole family.

Tanya’s relatives built a house for the kids and installed it under a canopy. That same night, a satisfied Peach brought the kittens to the “palace” and lay down there himself to warm the children with his warmth.

But the story didn’t end there! A couple of days later, Peach brought another gray kitten. The kid was clearly a brother to the previous two.The cuties were very smart, although a little playful.

And since then, the cat has received both respect and love of the whole family. Tatyana laughing calls him Mother Teresa.

I wonder how cats feel what to do and how to act? After all, Peach knew for sure that the kittens would be helped in Tatyana’s hospitable house.

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