She gave him artificial respiration and a heart massage

The girl amazed the veterinarians by resuscitating a dead puppy

Sasha, Masha Orlov, and two little sons live in a private house in Divnogorsk. The best friend of the family is a huge malamute named Tundra, who lives in a large aviary with a booth. Tundra was taken into the house two weeks ago, already an adult.She was given away by acquaintances who could not keep a big dog in their city apartment. Unexpectedly for the new owners, it turned out that Tundra was pregnant. Moreover, this was not noticeable until the last.everything became clear only when …

— I somehow approach the booth, and from there a squeak, — says Masha.
— I looked a puppy! Wow. wow! And wild joy. But then the problems started. It’s minus 30 outside. But the Tundra doesn’t let the puppy in. Growls and bares his teeth.

What to do.Masha decided to leave Tundra and the puppy alone for a while. She looked into the booth an hour later, and almost cried.The puppy does not move, and does not breathe:

— I moved him with a stick, and he gave the last squeak, and stretched out. Died! Like a roar. And I myself think: suddenly the heart beats?
Masha, desperate, decided to act. She took two sticks, put one in Tundra’s teeth and pulled the puppy up with the other. She grabbed him in her arms and into the house. I listened the heart doesn’t knock, the paws are icy, like glass.

But then it struck like lightning.The day before I watched the film “The Golden Cage”, where a girl after a car accident did artificial respiration to a guy, and he came to life. I took a pear, which I clean the nose of my eight-month-old son, and thought: “I was — I wasn’t!”. She pressed on her heart, as in a movie, pressed on her stomach so that he would breathe and blow air back and forth.

15 minutes have passed but no avail. I was sweating all over, crying and asking: “Well, cute little puppy, well, wake up! Breathe, let your heart beat!”. Front and hind legs and folded «accordion» so that the lungs opened. Nothing. But I decided, I will continue ! Suddenly I look like a child, his tummy swells up and deflates. Hard, but breathable!

Masha couldn’t believe her eyes. And then she grabbed the puppy and rushed with him to the vet. They said the baby is very cold, there is no sucking reflex. The puppy was put under a heating pad. And they said to Masha it’s simply unrealistic, how you made him breathe!

Now everything is behind. Although the veterinarians had many fears that the paws would have to be amputated, and that in general, they would not survive. However, the strong man turned out to be.

— I brought her into the house and brought the puppy in the trough, — says Masha. — Tundra has such love! She began to whine and scooped him up with her paws. Then she howled and asked for help with her eyes. It turned out that she had lost milk in those two days. Now we bottle feed him every two hours.

The name of the puppy was given Count Orlov. By the names of the owners, well, by the current look. Well-fed has become so important. Pure graph!

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