The cat was freezing, and it seemed that he couldn’t be saved, so people doubted that he would survive

On a harsh frosty day, being outside is very unpleasant, especially if you have to spend several hours there.

In the city of Fort Smith (Arkansas), frosts unexpectedly hit. And on the street was a red-and-white cat named Ben. The poor «boy» was really cold and shivering from the cold, no longer hoping for anything.

This is how tender-hearted people saw him who immediately turned to the animal rescue service. When the volunteers saw the poor thing, they were sure that he wouldn’t survive.

“At that moment, I doubted that he could be saved, looking at the state in which the cat was” – confessed one of the employees of the shelter.

Ben’s life really hung by a thread given the cold and temperatures well below zero. When they picked him up, the purr’s body was icy, and scarlet wounds even appeared on his hind legs. They testified to the cat’s frostbite.

Fortunately, the rescuers acted in a coordinated and swift manner, so the animal’s body temperature was brought back to normal in a short time. After that, they began to treat the wounds formed from the frost.

Now the cat is on the mend, although it isn’t yet known how his fate will develop further. Supposedly, he has no owners so he will have to look for a house. The shelter that has taken care of Ben admits that they have a lot of abandoned pets that also need medical help, a home, and owners.

The bad thing is that every day there are more and more “rejects ” and foundlings, and the shelter are not enough eve even basic things to provide its “pupils” with everything necessary.

Well, we can only hope that caring people will respond to the call and still help the shelter, but we wish glorious Ben a speedy recovery.

Get healthy, kitty!

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