The dog had bad days at his owner’s family but still remained faithful to them

This red dog did not know what love and care are. Little is known about his past life, but somehow he ended up in the house of three alcoholics.

But the grateful animal remained faithful even to such “masters”. The dog often turned out to be beaten, falling under a hot hand.

The barack where the alcoholics lived was located next to the railway station. It is not known how long this would have continued, but one day all three were poisoned by burnt vodka. The dog was left all alone. The ex-wife of one of the deceased immediately kicked the pet out into the street.

But the dog did not understand what was happening, where to go and what to do. Without thinking , he followed the same woman who had thrown him out . He brought her to the very house, hoping that a miracle would happen and, perhaps, she would take pity on him, taking him into the house.

But the stranger slammed the door in his face. But the poor fellow was noticed by a girl named Alla Martinevskaya, who lives in that very house.

Having learned the history of the animal, she immediately agreed on a paid overexposure at the shelter. Alla herself started looking for a home for the dog, but she quickly became attached to him and decided that the Kid (pet’s nickname) would stay in her family.

Of course, the difficult past affected the character of the dog. He is aggressive towards other dogs. He closes his eyes if someone makes a sudden movement and hides from bicycles and scooters.

At the same time, the Kid is incredibly smart and gentle. Alla believes that after some time the dog will be able to erase the terrible events of the past from his memory and live happily ever after.

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