The dog ran along the roadway and the cars honked to not knock him down. Only one person decided to help the animal

On that day, a lot of cars raced along the roadway. They were all going somewhere, because people were in a hurry to go about their thing. And at that moment a dog appeared on the road.

No one of the drivers didn’t occur to stop and take the dog off the road. Perhaps the baby would have suffered, but he was lucky. On this day a kind-hearted young man took his dog to the vet.

When he was crossing the road with his pet, the same doggie caught his eye, that desperately was between the cars. He looked lost and scared…

The young man grabbed him in his arms and carried him off the road. The poor trembling dog looked at him with confused eyes, and the guy looked at him in the mean time. The dog wasn’t wearing a collar, the coat was unkempt and dirty.

The young man’s plans immediately changed. He went to the vet, but not with one dog, but with two. He decided to show the foundling to the doctor so that he would examine him, and at the same time find out if the baby had a microchip.

The doctor gave him vaccinations, and the young man decided to take the dog to him. He bought him a crib, toys, food, and also took him to the groomer to get rid of matted hair.

They decided to call the “boy” Jay Stewart, and his owner says that he instantly became part of their small but friendly family. He got along with the pet and easily joined the lifestyle of a young man. Playful and friendly, Jay Stewart pleases his owner every day and the guy admits that he can no longer imagine his life without this dog.

This is how a chance acquaintance grew into a strong friendship, which, we are sure, will last for many years!

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