The dog trembled with fear and didn’t look into the eyes of people

We don’t appreciate the things that are always at our hands. We don’t rejoice at the opportunity to eat deliciously or sleep in a soft bed. But this doggie is beside himself with happiness, and yet the reason, is quite insignificant. He just got his own couch!

A pet named Ezra has spent his entire life on the street. When the baby arrived at the Fairfield County Orphanage in September, he refused to even look people in the eye. The dog curled up in the depths of his kennel, trembling with fear and staring at the wall.

The shelter staff understood that the pet needed time to overcome his fear. The staff developed a whole plan to win Ezra’s heart. That’s what hot dogs were for!

When one of the staff walked past the doghouse in which the dog was sitting, he always ate a hot dog. The man certainly threw a piece of treats to the pet. And once the kid became so bold that he carefully took a treat from the hands of one of the employees.


When Ezra got used to the new environment a little, he became more willing to interact with people. Sometimes the dog even allowed to stroked.

After five months, which the little one spent in the shelter, he finally dared to go outside for his very first walk in his life. Since then, Ezra’s mental state has improved a lot. The baby seems to have been born again.Now he wags his tail and jumps for joy at the sight of one of the shelter staff.

And after one of these walks, the life of the dog changed forever. Caring people donated several dog beds to the shelter. Ezra was so delighted at the sight of the soft bed that he had to be persuaded to get off it to take a walk. But as soon as he returned from the street, the baby immediately lay down on the bed again.

Seeing how happy was the pet, the staff put the bed right in his kennel. Ezra immediately sat down on it, beaming with happiness. He was so happy and proud to have his own bed! So he sat, joyful and infinitely grateful to people for this wonderful gift.

Very soon the dog will go to New York, where he will find the owners. The shelter staff is proud of Ezra, because he was able to overcome his fear and trust people again.

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