The mother bear swam across the lake with her cubs, but got exhausted and swam back. the cubs quickly went to the bottom.

Bears are considered savage and dangerous animals. People most often avoid them, bypass their habitats, but it also happens that the savage and strong bear itself really needs people’s help.

This is exactly what happened on one of the Karelian lakes. Local fishermen were doing their business as always and could not even imagine how this day would end.

They were forced to react instantly, because the bears really needed help. The mother bear and her two cubs began to swim across the lake, but getting halfway, she got exhausted and turned back.

And the cubs, meanwhile, continued to swim forward, but since they were small and inexperienced, they began to rapidly sink to the bottom. The boat with the fishermen was near and the cubs began to show that they needed their help.

They began to cling to the boat’s sides this allowed them to stay on the surface, and their eyes expressed a plea for help. Of course, the fishermen were a little scared, because these are still wild animals, but it was clear that the cubs were in danger and they weren’t going to attack.

One of the fishermen said that they saw the mother return, and the cubs were drowning. They were taken out of the lake and brought to the shore, where the mother had already begun to meet them and with great care they were handed over the frightened babies to the mother bear.

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