The puppy lived on the street for a long time until luck smiled at him

The dog had six puppies but no one of them was needed by the owner. There were three girls and three males among the kids. Without thinking twice, the boys were thrown to the station under construction, and the girls were thrown near residential buildings.

Fortunately, there were caring people who decided to save the puppies. Surprisingly quickly, they managed to attach the girls, and then two boys went to new homes. There was only left one male,that for some reason no one wanted to take.

Elizaveta Pluzhnikova and several other caring residents volunteered to feed the animal. All this time, the girl tried to attach the baby, but to no avail. And one day she decided to take her pet to Moscow to vaccinate him. And, of course, Liza couldn’t return the baby back to the street and decided to shelter him.

In the village where the dog lived, the local kids called him Chernysh. But Elizabeth was completely opposed to such a nickname. I had to come up with a new name for the animal. As a result, she renamed Chernysh Cherry.

It’s great that all the abandoned puppies found a home! And Cherry, who had to wait longer than the rest of the kids, ended up being the luckiest. About such a hostess as Lisa in the depths of her soul dreams every mongrel.

Thanks to caring people for helping puppies!

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