Touching footage of the reunion of the dog with the policeman who saved his life

The police took an oath to protect and help not only people, but also animals, and there are many examples when brave and noble police officers put their own lives at risk that our four-legged friends remained safe and sound.

And animals, as you know, do not remain in debt and express their gratitude in the most touching way.So this time, the dog named Jack Russell was delighted to meet the policeman who had once saved his life.

During another raid in California, the police found a dog that was clearly confused and very scared.It was evident that he experienced a terrible attitude from the owners and they decided to save the unfortunate baby.

Police officer Lorich covered the frightened dog with a blanket and took him to the nearest shelter.Despite the fact that their communication did not last long, a very tender friendship arose between them, and after a while the policeman decided to visit the pet.

The reaction of the dog in response to his visit was simply amazing and made cry all staff of the shelter.The puppy could not hide his joy, he was overwhelmed with emotions, he jumped and wagged his tail with happiness.

The county police department posted the footage on their Facebook page and wrote that the dog looked much better, and Officer Lorich was a great pleasure to communicate with this wonderful dog.

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