Two puppies fell into a well with a cobra, but the snake didn’t harm them and guarded them for twenty-four hours until people arrived.

Indian wells, spread across the entire country, captivate with their atmosphere and architecture. Among them, there are also unusual ones, made of stone, without a barrier on the surface, resembling pits more than anything else. Once, such a well became the site of an extraordinary rescue. Two lost puppies found themselves in it, and a cobra «saved» them brilliantly. Strangely, this snake didn’t harm the animals; on the contrary, it took on the role of a guardian, awaiting human help.

The owner of the dogs, a resident of Punjab, usually enjoyed the playful nature of his pets, but this time their cheerful presence on the street was interrupted. Noticing their absence, he decided to find his faithful friends.

Following the sounds coming from an old and abandoned well nearby, the man discovered a remarkable scene. Two puppies were on a small piece of dry land, while the cobra stood guard, preventing them from moving further. It was evident that this snake was taking care of the puppies, keeping them safe until help arrived.

Considering the duration of their absence, the man assumed that the snake had been guarding the puppies for quite some time. Acting boldly, he returned with a rope, tied it to a tree, and began to descend into the well with a bag over his shoulder.

What a scene unfolded before his eyes! The snake seemed to anticipate his arrival and looked at him with astonishing calmness. The man carefully placed the puppies in the bag and slowly ascended.

Later, with the arrival of other people, they decided to free the grateful cobra. The participants of this unusual story are convinced that the snake, just like the dogs, found itself in a difficult situation and got lost in the well. Grateful for the animals’ rescue, they called a snake catcher to relocate the snake to the forest, where it could continue its life in the wild.

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