“We will have a baby!” Dogs are so diligent in guarding a pregnant mistress that even couriers bypass their house

Jess Kristoffers owner of two adorable dogs is pregnant. The girl didn’t even think that her pets would understand what position she was in, but soon they guessed everything.

As the girl’s tummy grew her dogs Rocky and Diogi became literally obsessed with him. “Where do you think they are now?

Of course, they lie on my stomach!” — laughing, the girl shared the «secret» of her pets.

Rocky spends more time with the hostess than his friend. By the way, the dog appeared in the house recently. About a month ago, Jess decided it would be nice to have a friend for Diogi.

The girl was very worried about whether her dog would be bored. She decided that the two pets would be much more fun together and they wouldn’t be offended by her for being given a little less time than before.

But things didn’t go according to plan. Instead of distracting Diogi from his pregnant mistress Rocky teamed up with a new friend to take care of his human mom all the time. If earlier the dog met the guy Jess at the door now he doesn’t leave the mistress at all.

As you know, dogs are able to sniff out chemical changes in the body of their owners. But with pregnancy, the girl’s hormone levels increased, so it’s not surprising that pets also live in anticipation of a miracle.

Not every dog is determined to catch such changes, but Diogi and Rocky won’t be fooled. All the last time they don’t leave the mistress a single step, working harmoniously as her guard.

Pets guard the house and its owner so carefully that even couriers don’t like to approach Jess’s living room window.

It seems like someone can’t wait to meet their new friend. Jess is confident that her loyal pets will become true friends for unborn child. The kid was lucky.He wasn’t born yet and he had such bodyguards.

Can you imagine the happiness of ponytails when the baby is finally born? This is going to be an event!

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