Woman turns home into pet hospice and takes care of 80 elderly dogs at once

Meet Valerie Reed, an amazing woman who was troubled by the thought that older dogs leaving the world abandoned and alone.And for this reason she made her home a hospice.

The non-profit institution for older dogs is located in Missouri and now has up to eight dozen dogs living there.

The shelter has been operating for the fifth year after a woman couldn’t accommodate her parents’ old Doberman

She said that she and her husband already had pets and they couldn’t take another one, but it turned out that due to old age, no one wanted to adopt an animal and it was then that she decided to help all older dogs.

Valeria now accepts all older dogs who have passed away or moved into a nursing home, as well as those who have lived in shelters for too long.

Dogs live freely in the yard, walk and communicate. She doesn’t limit them.The pets themselves feel confident and know that they are loved here and won’t be offended.

Valerie admits that there is nothing more valuable than watching the transformation of dogs and seeing how the animal ceases to be desperate and sad.

Now the woman has seventeen full-time employees who take care of all eight dozen dogs around the clock. Since their discovery, they have managed to send about 800 dogs to a better world.

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