«According to you, who is the most intelligent and who is the most stupid?»

«In your opinion, who is the most intelligent and who is the most stupid?

Intelligence is not simply being able to read and understand a complicated book or watch an art film.

No, there are many different types of intelligence. You can be excellent in logic and deduction but less proficient in visual analysis, or vice versa.

The image below has gone viral. The question posed is to classify the people drawn in this image from ‘stupidest’ to ‘smartest.’

In the drawing, four men are sitting on the branches of a tree. Assuming they do not want to fall and have all climbed voluntarily, who is the ‘stupidest’ and who is the ‘smartest’?

We see that almost everyone is trying to saw the branch on which their friend (or enemy) is sitting. Number 2 cuts the branch of Number 1. Number 3 cuts the branch of Number 2, and Number 4 cuts his own branch…

Cutting one’s own branch is probably the least intelligent decision in this case, making Number 4 the ‘stupidest.’ Number 1 sees nothing at all and is watching everything. Not super bright either.

While Number 2 looks sneakily at Number 1, Number 3 calmly saws his branch. He is the only one not to fall.»

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