American sportsman saves the lives of almost 100 dogs from a Korean meat farm

Gus Kenworthy is 26 years old. He took part in the Sochi Olympics in 2014. It was there, in Sochi, that he found two dogs and spent a lot of effort to go through all the bureaucratic red tape and take them to America.

After this story, Gass decided to devote his life to saving dogs. The athlete lives in Colorado and goes in for skiing, however, fame brought him not only and not so much sports as saving the lives of nine dozen dogs of a Korean meat farm.

This also happened during the Olympics, three years ago. Gass shared that there are up to 17,000 such farms in South Korea, in which there are almost three million dogs just to be eaten.They live there in appalling conditions.

He points out that Koreans consider dog meat dishes to be part of the national tradition, and despite the fact that he does not like it, he has no right to impose his morality on Koreans.

However, cruelty to dogs in this country shouldn’t be encouraged. The athlete points out that it isn’t necessary to distinguish these dogs from those that are called pets.And simply give a chance to live a normal life as many of them as possible .

Gass was able to take 90 dogs out of the country to the USA and Canada, where they found caring owners.

And we will thank the kind young man for the kindness.

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