Dogs saved a fainted owner

In Cumbria, England two dogs rescued a 71-year-old man who passed out in the mountains.


The owner with two retrievers went for a walk along a mountain path. Suddenly, the man started an epileptic attack and he fainted. There were no people nearby and there was no one to help them.

His four-legged friends came to the rescue. As if agreeing with each other, they split up and one of the dogs stayed with the owner, and the second ran to seek help.

After some time, a black dog brought a girl to the place, who at the sight of a man lying on the path called rescuers.

“Incredibly, the man’s black Labrador ran after a girl walking nearby and began to bark to get her attention and force her to follow him to the trail. Then she saw a second dog lying next to an unconscious man ” said Keswick’s rescue service representatives on the social network.

The owner of the dogs was taken to the ambulance and given medical assistance. He is currently feeling well. A man thanks his pets every day for saving him.He was very surprised when he found out about it.

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