If you can spot the hidden hare in just 5 seconds, you have exceptional vision

Managing to carve out moments of free time to dedicate to leisure activities and carefree relaxation seems like an increasingly ambitious ambition nowadays.

In fact, we are all more or less constantly immersed in the frantic daily routine that absorbs much of our energy. In recent years, thanks also to the advent of social networks on the web, new forms of virtual entertainment have become very popular. These are the so-called «visual tests,» a wide and varied set of quizzes and challenges with which a large number of users love to engage to test their mental abilities.

In today’s article, what we would like to draw your attention to is an optical illusion starring a small and cute hare. The goal of the test is to be able to identify, within a certain timeframe, where the little animal is well camouflaged within the represented illustration.

Visual tests, therefore, are enjoyable pastimes to indulge in and try to alleviate daily stress. They vary in type and level of difficulty, allowing the user to choose the preferred type of test that suits them best. There are, for example, tests of a logical-intuitive nature: visual riddles and quizzes, optical illusions, spot the difference games, mathematical puzzles, and many more.

Their common denominator is to enhance and improve players’ concentration and reasoning skills, subjecting their brains to a useful form of mental training. Then there are tests of a more introspective nature that instead tend to delve into the most intimate aspects of the human soul.

Returning to the test at hand, as we said, its goal is to be able to identify the hidden hare within the image. A search that involves a very limited timeframe: just 5 seconds. It will be necessary to sharpen your vision and observe every detail of the image carefully. Having said that, all we have to do is leave you to the test and wish you good luck!

Optical illusion solution: here is where the hare is located.

So, did you succeed in your endeavor? Did you spot the well-camouflaged hare in the illustration in just 5 seconds? If your answer is affirmative, we offer you our best compliments! You have shown excellent powers of observation.

If not, do not worry: you will surely have the opportunity in the future to test yourself again with new challenges.

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