If you find the thief among all the masked people in less than 15 seconds, you have exceptional vision.

A new visual challenge is ready to be solved by enthusiasts of skill games. Today, we present a scene featuring masked people. Each of them is wearing a costume. However, someone is deceiving the others because they are not honest. In fact, among them hides a thief. Sharpen your sight and try to find them in less than 15 seconds. If you succeed, it means you have excellent attention to detail and powers of observation.

Among all these masked people hides a thief
Today’s timed challenge aims to stimulate your intellectual abilities as well as your attention to detail. In fact, the image contains a significant detail to understand the solution to the puzzle. It’s up to you to find it. However, be aware that there is a time limit at your disposal. You must not exceed 15 seconds. If you go beyond, the test will not be considered valid. Who is the thief?

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Try to concentrate and dedicate a few minutes of your time to solve today’s test. Stimulating your mental abilities with this kind of pastime is an excellent way to have a sharp and responsive mind. It is important to keep the brain agile and ready to react to external stimuli, even through these games.

Have you found the thief in the scene? Surely the fact that all the people are wearing masked costumes can complicate the resolution of the game, but only the most attentive will have noticed a crucial detail to identify the thief in the scene. What detail is it?

If 15 seconds have passed and you have not solved the test, we will show you the solution. Look at the image below, and you will find it.

Solution: Here is who the thief is among all the masked people

Solution to the visual test: here is who the thief is
The thief is the person who is rummaging through the head of the person dressed as a ninja.

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