It’s a heartwarming situation where a cat has taken in and nurtured a group of ducklings, and now they believe they are kittens.

On a small farm, there were a whole brood of ducklings without a mother duck. The owners didn’t have enough time to care for them, but unexpectedly, a cat showed interest in these ducklings. She became their adoptive mother, keeping them warm under her body. Now the ducklings consider themselves as true kittens, and in the video, you can see them imitating the cat’s behavior.

The ducklings were so small that the farm owners decided to temporarily bring them inside the house, where a cat named Jackie usually lives. At first, the ducklings were slightly bewildered, but the cat gathered them in a box and took care of them.

Such a phenomenon, when cats care for the offspring of other species, is quite rare. It may occur due to nurturing instincts or the need for social interaction. This is known as «alloparenting.»

From an early age, ducklings begin to imitate their parents. In this case, they saw a cat for the first time, and that’s why the ducklings exhibit characteristic behavior by imitating the cat.

As the ducklings grow up, they will be returned to the farm. Over time, they will start behaving differently as they interact more with other ducks and learn their behaviors.

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