«Only 2% manage to find the missing girl in the forest! Hurry up!»

«Do you have the desire to master small details? Test your skills with this puzzle that has stumped many.

Nestled in this forest scene is a girl named Marie, but can you spot her?

In the photo, shared on Playbuzz, people struggle to see beyond the trees!

In the middle of the forest, one girl holds a cow on a rope, while another girl wanders in the woods.

If this proves to be too much of a challenge, fear not; we have the solution here.

We tried to trick you by not saying that MARIE was just a set of letters spelling her name.

Most people don’t catch this clue and ASSUME that Marie must be a little girl.

Even then, it still took a keen eye to notice that you had to flip the image and reverse the letters to solve it.»

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