People heard rustling and sounds inside the wall: someone was there, and they decided to dismantle the wall.

Near the college student, inside a solid wall, they heard sounds and rustling that couldn’t leave them indifferent. Instead of ignoring it, they decided to dismantle the wall and discovered that a squirrel had managed to get inside.

The girls could identify the woodland creature by its distinct sounds. They realized the squirrel must have been scared and lost the ability to find an exit.

Dismantling the wall was the only solution. One of the students placed a box against the wall to prevent the squirrel from escaping and running around the house. The other girl carefully made a hole.

And there it was, the squirrel was freed from the wall and found its way to safety. They gently took it out of the house and released it near the nearest trees.

In the suburbs, it’s not uncommon for squirrels to find their way into houses. Here, they can find food more easily than on the streets.

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