People noticed a polar bear in the water; it was struggling and pleading for help.

Roland Warrior, an Inupiaq guide from Kaktovik, regularly took tourists to Barrier Island for nature observation. During one of his trips, he noticed a polar bear closely following his boat.

Upon closer inspection, Roland realized that the bear was signaling for help.

Normally, Inuit and Inupiaq people do not interfere in such situations. Polar bears are predators that do not distinguish between humans and their prey, such as seals. But the behavior of this bear was different.

Roland allowed the bear to swim closer. He saw that the animal was entangled in fishing netting and was struggling to stay afloat.

It was clear to the guide that he couldn’t handle the situation alone, but there were several other boats in the vicinity.

People in their boats surrounded the bear. The animal remained calm as it clung to the side of Roland’s vessel, waiting for assistance. The Northerners cautiously untangled the net.

In the next moment, the polar bear turned around and swiftly swam away, glancing back briefly as if saying goodbye.

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