The Border Collie was sick and shabby, but in the hands of a caring owner he became a real handsome man

This unfortunate dog was downtrodden, shabby and very sad. He wandered around the yards and looked for leftovers. He had a serious skin disease, many sunburns, which caused him pain with every movement.

He wandered through the streets of the small American town of Clairmore. His whole body ached and every movement caused suffering. However, not indifferent people were able to pick him up and deliver him to the shelter.

At the shelter, the veterinarian determined that the animal was about four years old and a Border Collie breed and was sent for further treatment.

It was in this center that his health gradually improved. He was gaining weight, had a beautiful coat, the burns healed and he was ready for adoption. It was then that a young man named Curtis stumbled upon his photo on the shelter’s website and realized that he was the one he wanted to take.

And when I saw him in the shelter, I was even more convinced of this. Curtis adopted him from the shelter and named him Zeeb.

From the very first meeting, a special connection arose between the collie and the guy. As soon as Curtis approached him, he ran up and began to hug the new owner. Since then, Zeeb and his master have become inseparable friends.

Zeeb is now finally happy, which is good news, especially given what he’s been through.

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