The cat replaced the father of a newborn kitty that lost her entire family

A tiny cat, the only survivor of the whole family, found a foster dad. And that was the key to saving her life.

Not so long ago, one kitten arrived at the Nova Cat veterinary clinic. She required urgent medical attention. Volunteers from one organization for the protection of animals did not stop their work around the clock to save this baby. But they saw with sadness that their efforts would certainly not be enough.

Helen Carozza, a professional paramedic of the clinic, said that the cat came to her on February 5th. Volunteers immediately knew to whom to carry the kitten.

The cat was examined, given the necessary drugs, as well as antibiotics. The baby had an extremely low weight (71 gr.). She needed artificial feeding.

Any orphan, a newborn is drawn to warmth without fail. Something that reminds me of the beating of a mother’s heart. But the foundling didn’t have a mother-cat at the clinic. But she had a warrior spirit.

At the doctor’s house, Helen has Benny, the cat. He has long and successfully fulfilled the role of a foster father for those orphans whom the doctor brings to his home.

On his account, there are already many such rescued kittens. How does it work? Nobody knows. But only Benny, seeing the kitten in trouble, takes care of her immediately.

Adora grew stronger every day. After seven days, her weight had doubled. The eyes opened. She saw Benny and how he licks her, cleans her. She is pleased!

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